Sunday, January 22, 2017

Did they use any of your tax dollars? Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society helped organize pink pussy hat protest in Washington yesterday

Via Nancy


Donald Trump should be told that more than half of  the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society’s funding comes from taxpayer dollars ostensibly to resettle refugees.

In a recent financial statement they reported that they received approximately $20 million of your money! (See their big salaries!)

Maybe Congress should pass a law that if your NON-PROFIT organization receives federal grants and contracts it should not then be permitted to protest the government (the hand that feeds them!).

Here is HIAS’s community organizer, Sarah Beller, giving instructions about where HIAS would be protesting the new President:


  1. Do the same to these commies like President Trump is doing to NEA, NEH and PBS....just cut them off. There are loads of organizations like this that receive tax money. Hundreds, maybe thousands. Let's get 'em all!

  2. The vilest of the vile per Kipling. And, the pink pussy hat
    protesters, looks like they were mass produced in some
    laboratory. Imaginary indignation.