Sunday, January 15, 2017

Is Donald Trump the New Joe McCarthy?

Via Billy

Thanks to our faulty understanding of (and lack of knowledge) history in this country, the name Joseph McCarthy brings up all kinds of negative bugaboos about the late senator, mostly undeserved but all promoted by the Far Left and those that finance the Far Left.

McCarthy  had a genuine concern about the numerous Communists within our own government and military that were working to destabilize the country and he found, as he went along,  that there were many within our own government that wanted these Communists in place to do exactly what they were doing. When McCarthy tried to expose all this, especially in the army, they blackballed him and eventually, when they could stop his exposures no other way, they got him censured. In other words,  when McCarthy was seeking to expose the treason in his own government to the American people, the traitors in his own government opposed and eventually managed to shut down his efforts. After all, the American people didn’t need to realize they were being sold out and certain people in high places in government were going to make sure they didn’t. For those that might be interested in a little background on this I would recommend the book McCarthy written by Roy Cohn and published by Lancer Books in New York way back in 1968. Believe it or not, it is still available on Amazon and worth the read to see some of what is going on right now in regard to Donald Trump and how the Ruling Elite are trying to stop his efforts. Read and begin to connect the dots.


  1. I remember growing up in the '60s and always hearing about how evil McCarthy was. Not until sometime in the '80s did I learn bits and pieces of the truth. And I found out that the revered Walter Cronkite was a leftist who lied to us about the war and many other things. That the government is not our friend and does not look out for our welfare. Pretty disillusioning for someone who wore blinders for all those years.............

  2. McCarthy took the blinders off and exposed what the left was doing, for which he will never be forgiven. Trump, in his own way, has done the same thing. Only now people are starting to wake up and see what's going on. Trump can never be forgiven for being instrumental in that and if he won't play footsie with the Establishment then they will have to deal with him.