Saturday, February 25, 2017

Chris Matthews Calls Trump Supporters Dogs

Via Billy
What a great way to win friends and influence people........Keep it up! You and Ellison. :)

Guest Montel Williams was criticizing President Trump for his delayed response to the anti-Semitic attacks across the U.S. this week. He said that "25 percent" of Trump's supporters agreed with his "nasty rhetoric" in reference to racism.

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  1. If this loser ever finds himself outside his ivory tower, he'd better learn to say "Nice doggy".

    1. :) Idiots. Exactly what do they think will come out of insulting 1/2 the antisense? Just shows that liberals are illogical.

  2. Brock, you're being kind. Today's liberals are not--liberal. They are intolerant, elitist authoritarians who are willing to have others use force and terror to impose their will. --Ron W