Monday, February 13, 2017

Hungary Welcomes European Refugees Who Want Protection From Liberal Policies

Via Billy

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban gives a speech during his visit at the Bavarian state parliament in Munich, Germany October 17, 2016.   REUTERS/Michael Dalder

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says he’s open to accepting refugees, but only those fleeing liberal policies in Western Europe.

Orban used his annual state of the nation address Friday to list five threats Hungary faces, including EU policies and Hungarian billionaire George Soros.

He also welcomed Europeans who are fed up with their liberal governments to move to Hungary.

“Of course we can give shelter to the real refugees: Germans, Dutch, French, Italians, scared politicians and journalists,” Orban said in his address. “Christians who had to flee their own country, those people who want to find here the Europe that they lost at their home.”


  1. This is a wonderful movement.

    In the US, the empire won't allow such refuges. But in Europe, the empire there wasn't able to swallow all of Europe, at least not yet.

    I wish we could secede somewhere like Alaska, though the climate is harsh and the economy would need to be built from almost nothing. I love the South, but Alaska could argue its way to secession. I doubt they'll ever allow the South to secede, unless perhaps someone else secedes before the South.

    1. The best might be forming like minded communities. It was tried once in the South, but the man who financed it wasn't able to obtain enough buyers who were like minded, so had to open it up to others. Sad.

  2. I believe you are correct reg. small communities. I don't know whom you're referring to in your post, but that is interesting.


    If money is needed, we do know how great amounts of money are made in this society.

    In Burnham/Francis managerial state theory, those who are placed in positions of power to manage big business and big government possess specialised skills. And you'd expect they would espouse a "liberal" ideology. These people tend to be well rewarded for their service to the managerial state's conquest of the world.

    We could pursue such positions, some of us could anyway, if we chose to do so.

    We could also pursue congressional positions as Dr. Wilson used to recommend.

    I lack such ability myself. I just say, we have some who are very talented. And they might choose to enter the belly of the beast, hopefully not being absorbed, to pursue wealth and power.

    For most of us, perhaps minding our own business is best, however. I dislike how many in the Left believe nothing short of the complete dismantling of white identity as necessary for victory. So, it might come to pass that fleeing the US is necessary. And of course there might one day be no where left to flee.

    Jews have done extremely well surviving and thriving in modern society. I believe they are worth learning from. Too often our side refuses to learn from nonwhites, and I believe that's a mistake. I'm not referring to you, just to right-wing whites in general. As an environment changes, a people just have to adapt. And white people need to accept we're not superior in absolutely every aspect and in every situation. The obsession right-wing whites have with superiority is insanity, in my view.

    1. The obsession right-wing whites have with superiority is insanity, in my view.

      Thanks, but I haven't gotten that.

    2. Brock,

      no you certainly have not. I tend to make comments in reply to other conversations, that are just bugging me at the given time.

      Also, however, when I say "obsession with superiority" I'm including the ossification too around past white political and cultural traditions which were successful in the past but are not today. To my defence, it gets tedious to express every facet of meaning.

      So, in that latter respect the accusation might apply to you, the ossification of past white traditions. I'm not intentionally attacking you with Critical Theory, though in truth what I wrote above could be labeled as such (since I basically linked preference for past traditions as "supremacist", which sounds like something a Marxist would do). I just believe we're failing to adapt.

      We also identify with institutions that are really no longer ours.

      I realise you take a slightly but significantly different perspective than I do on politics, and I'm not intentionally linking you with my views.

      For what it's worth, I have great respect for how you strive for balance between honouring the past and doing what's right. I always tell people, what's most important is that a person be a "good" person (one who aims to do what is right), not that his political views match perfectly. Since you're a good person, I respect you and would still respect you even if we fell on opposite sides of a political matter.

  3. Just to add, I don't post here to be a troll or to otherwise be disruptive.

    I was intending to post as supportive. I do however at times use the wrong wording. Though I've read political books and articles for years, I make slip ups in postings. It's just how I am. But I'm not intentionally disrespectful to those with a sense of morality.

    1. Say whatever you like, my Dear Sir.:) I detest wise asses though and you certainly aren't one of them. Thanks.