Monday, February 13, 2017

With Trump's order in limbo, states take action against sanctuary cities

Via Billy

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With the future of President Trump's order withholding federal funds to "sanctuary cities" unclear, states are stepping up to take punitive action against cities that are making themselves havens for illegal immigrants.

Already, some state funds have been withheld for recalcitrnt municipalities, and more pressure is coming fast.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, of Texas, says he will pursue legislation to let the state remove officials from office if they refuse to end their sanctuary policies. Abbott is feuding with the sheriff in Travis County, home to the proudly left-liberal state capitol city of Austin, that defies the conservative state. Abbott withheld grant money from the Travis County Sheriff's office over its sanctuary policy. Lacking funds, the office cut 18 jobs.


  1. I don't think Trump realised what he was getting himself into.

    I hope he doesn't surrender. What concerns me most now are foreign affairs; because if he's blamed for a war, then his reputation is ruined.

    I really hope Trump doesn't cave on all of these positions. He really has tried to uphold what he ran on. I feel sorry for the man. And I have no delusions that Trump is a saint, but he is clearly a far better man than are most politicians.