Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lawyer: Racist Note Given To Black Waitress In Virginia Is A Fake Photo

Via Billy

A black waitress who received thousands of dollars in donations after she claimed she received a racist note and no tip from a patron last month fabricated the incident, the customer claims.

Kelly Carter, a waitress at Anita’s New Mexico Cafe in Ashburn, Va., claimed that a white man stiffed her on his $30.52 restaurant bill and wrote “Great service, don’t tip black people” at the bottom of his receipt.

But the note was forged, says Daniel Hebda, a lawyer for the customer.

Hebda said in a statement Friday that his client did leave Carter a small tip — one penny — because her service was poor, not because she is black.


  1. So, she's in jail, right? I mean, fraud's still against the law, isn't it?

    1. She's not white and conservative, so of course she gets a free ticket and to keep the money also.

  2. This is a great reason to carry a little minicamera about 24/7, to record all actions. Then no one can falsely accuse, lol.

    And I'm joking, but yikes. Great reason to put money in other relatives' name (I mean children/parents not some distant relative), to ensure one person can't be sued for everything.