Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mexican Marines Use Helicopter Minigun To Kill Cartel Boss (VIDEO)

Via Billy

From  the L.A. Times
A Mexican military helicopter gunship fired on the alleged hideout of a drug kingpin in one of a pair of raids that left 12 suspects dead, including the cartel capo, Mexican authorities said Friday.
In a statement, the Mexican Navy said federal forces mounting an operation against drug traffickers in Tepic were met by  high-powered weapons. Commanders summoned the  aircraft to reduce the danger of injuries to civilians and officers, the statement said. Use of the helicopter was in accordance with military guidelines, the Navy said.
A second shootout between authorities and alleged drug gang accomplices near the city airport killed four other suspects from the same criminal syndicate, the military said.


  1. I guess that cartel didn't fork over their weekly payment to the Federales..................

  2. Coming to our country soon and the US having to do the same ops in the Mexican War part II in a day coming soon...

    1. Patriots will be the doing!

    2. Yes, this is indeed coming to the US. Trump said during his campaign that Mexico sends us their worst. This is it.

      All anyone would need to do to keep it out of the US is to end illegal immigration.

      It's too profitable to import cheap labour though, keep American workers poor and without opportunity. When Trump but mentions the problem, he's declared a Nazi.

    3. When Trump but mentions the problem, he's declared a Nazi.


  3. My BT would be that some underling ratted out his boss in order to move into the top spot. Business will go on as usual in perpetually corrupt Mexico.