Thursday, February 2, 2017

Milo Tells Tucker Carlson: "The Left Does Not Want to Debate me" After Berkeley Riots

Via Billy


  1. Milo is correct. For 30 years if not longer, "students" have engaged in bullying and acts of violence, along with rioting, due to the belief that being a student gave them the right to so without any consequences for their actions. I suspect that the general publics tolerance for such antics is about to come to an abrupt halt. If it is in his power to do so, President Trump ought to freeze ALL Federal monies to all universities. They should be told you can be as far left as you want, or you can have Federal monies (including the monies for student loans). But NOT both, it is one or the other, your call.

  2. Every skinny jeaned dork that throws a rock or lights a fire, means 100 more votes for Trump. Rock on, you morons.

  3. This was an outrage that this brutality was allowed to go on.
    While watching Tucker Carlson on Fox, I kept looking for the
    police. A few were there.... standing on a third floor
    baloney looking down at the rioting. None within the rioters.
    Now, big one going on at NYU protesting McGinnes' speech:
    If this crap is not forcefully put down, it will just escalate. This happened to Reagan too; he called in
    the National Guard and told the welfare bums to get a job.
    They need a reality fix.

    1. Absolutely and thanks.

  4. That would be Gavin McInnes - sorry for misspell.

  5. Brock, he's the devil. Hide your children.