Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Obama Imposed Immigration Restrictions 19 Times – Including 4 Times on Muslim Countries

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Democrat Presidents Impose Significantly More Immigration Restrictions Than Republican Presidents
While the mainstream media and liberals across America are causing chaos and panic over President Trump’s so-called ‘Muslim Ban’ (it’s not a Muslim ban), the Congressional Research Service quietly released statistics on what the last five Presidents did in regards to limiting immigration.

As noted by the Conservative Review, the most important part of what the Congressional Research Service found was:
Over the years, Presidents have relied upon Section 212(f) to suspend or otherwise restrict the entry of individual aliens and classes of aliens, often (although not always) in conjunction with the imposition of financial sanctions upon these aliens. Among those so excluded have been aliens whose actions “threaten the peace, security, or stability of Libya”; officials of the North Korean government; and aliens responsible for “serious human rights violations.”
Neither the text of Section 212(f) nor the case law to date suggests any firm legal limits upon the President’s exercise of his authority to exclude aliens under this provision.
The results from the report show that since President Reagan, Democrat Presidents have limited immigration to specific groups of people far more than Republican Presidents have.

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