Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Seditious Left: Prosecute the Berkeley rioters by enforcing federal law.

Via John

The violent uprising at UC Berkeley last week, sparked by Milo Yiannopoulos’s Freedom Center-sponsored speech on “sanctuary campuses,” could have been put down by authorities by enforcing existing federal law, but they didn’t act.

They let Berkeley burn.

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin (D) seemed to green-light the riots, employing the twisted leftist logic of the radicals who turned the campus into a war zone.

“Using speech to silence marginalized communities and promote bigotry is unacceptable,” he tweeted, in a reference to Yiannopoulos. “Hate speech isn't welcome in our community.”

Hours into the rioting Wednesday no arrests had been made by the police. In all, only three arrests were made.

The Daily Californian, the Berkeley student newspaper, along with much of the media, downplayed the politically motivated violence. Of the three arrests, reporter Chantelle Lee wrote, “UCPD has arrested one suspect at the Milo Yiannopoulos protests Wednesday night and two suspects in an unrelated incident Thursday morning.”

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  1. "Enforce the law". Such a novel concept. I can't hardly grasp the meaning.

  2. Universities should not have police departments at all. They are not jurisdictions with elected officials that are accountable to the public. They have no courts.

  3. Fine, let the idiots burn the whole campus down, it would be a blessing to have such a liberal propaganda center cremated.