Friday, February 3, 2017

Republicans begin rollback of Obama's war on coal

Via Billy

President Trump has already promised to end his predecessor's campaign against coal. (AP Photo/Mauricio Medel)

One year ago, West Virginia sought divine intervention for an Appalachia coal industry left reeling from downward market forces and heavy federal regulation. Republicans just started answering.

On Wednesday, the House deployed the Congressional Review Act to strike down one of the Obama-era's most controversial regulations, the Stream Protection Rule.

Just before exiting the Oval Office, then-President Barack Obama put the finishing touches on his regulatory legacy by ordering the Dept. of Interior to finalize the rule. On paper, it's designed to prevent the pollution of waterways near coal mines. In practice, it adds a regulatory burden that the industry insists it can't shoulder.


  1. Now, if the Miners ever vote for a democrat again, I hope the never have work.