Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trump is right to push for safe zones in Syria & Jordanian Prince To NC Congressman: ‘We Can’t Vet These People’

Via Billy
A Syrian woman with her kids remove the snow from the entrance of her tent, at an informal refugee camp in the eastern Lebanese town of Marj near the border with Syria, Lebanon, Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017. President Donald Trump has barred all refugees from entering the United States for four months, and indefinitely halted any from Syria, saying the ban is needed to keep out "radical Islamic terrorists." (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)
The Trump administration's recent announcement that it will create safe zones in Syria as an alternative to admitting refugees is welcome news to all who seek to protect innocent civilians and move towards a solution to a conflict which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions.

The creation of safe zones for vulnerable civilian populations in Syria is an important first step toward ending the conflict in Syria. The refugee crisis was only widely reported on when the refugees began arriving in Europe, a little more than a year ago, though the situation had already begun to push the limits in the nations bordering Syria, such as Lebanon and Jordan.


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