Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fifteenth Abbeville Institute Summer School: ON BEING SOUTHERN IN AN AGE OF RADICALISM

The Abbeville Institute

 St Christopher Conference Center, July 9-14, 2017

Seabrook Island, South Carolina

The South has a depth of meaning not available to other regions of the country. It is older than the United States, and for four years it was a nation fighting for its independence. It has known tragedy, greatness, and humility. Having changed, it has yet retained a substantial character. To be Southern does not require being born in the South, nor to be of a specific race or ethnic group, nor is it an ideology. M.E. Bradford defined Southern identity as “a vital long lasting bond among those who have contributed to it.” And Flannery O’Connor said “It lies very deep. In its entirety, it is known only to God, but of those who look for it, none gets so close as the artist.”

Join us for a thoughtful discussion of Southern Identity and the posture it should assume in an increasingly shallow and fractured “American” national identity.


Clyde Wilson (History, University of South Carolina

Carey Roberts (History, Liberty University)

Donald Livingston (Philosophy, Emory University.)

Bill Wilson (Religious Studies, University of Virginia)

Miles Smith (History, Regency University)

James Kibler (Literature, University of Georgia)

Catharine Savage Brosman (Literature, Tulane University and nationally recognized poet)


St. Christopher Conference on beautiful Seabrook Island. Wednesday will be spent  touring the historic sights of Charleston.


The cost for tuition, room, board, and continuous refreshments for five days is $1,128 (single) and $1,956 (double). The conference is open to the public, but preference is given to college and graduate students who are encouraged to apply (and soon as space is limited). Scholarships are available. To apply contact or phone (843) 323 0690.

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