Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Russia is a Diversion

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I wrote these words just a couple of days ago.  I have been thinking much about this.  I have decided I was wrong.  Way wrong.

Trump = Russia; Russia = Trump.  Trump and Putin are members of a two-person mutual admiration society.  Who talked to a Russian before January 20?  Flynn?  Out. Sessions? 

On the way.  Kushner?  He will be required to divorce Trump’s daughter…I guess.

The neocons want war; they want to ensure the trillion dollars or more per year keep flowing.  They need to keep Russia as the enemy.  Everyone is piling on – republicans and democrats.

Has Trump committed to shrinking the military?  Not at all.  Reduce military spending? Nope.  Stop fighting wars?  No way – Iran, China, North Korea, and ISIS all loom large on his radar; enough work to keep a thousand generals and a few dozen major merchants-of-death busy for a long time.

So what is the worry?  Who needs Russia as an enemy?  So Trump doesn’t go after Russia – he wants to go after somebody – a lot of somebodies.  This is worth at least a trillion dollars per year.

What those who oppose Trump have found is the diversion – the angle they need to remove Trump from power or ensure he is unable to accomplish anything of his platform.  Peace with Russia isn’t the issue, it is the diversion.  Russia isn’t the ends, it is the means.  A diversion that runs a deadly risk (which suggests the price they are willing to pay), but a diversion nonetheless.

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