Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Shining Spirits: Why the South Will Survive


As a naturalized Southerner (born in the North but educated in the South) it is a delight to discover this hard intellectual diamond among the soft dunghills of contemporary American publishing.

The fifteen separate essays contained in this work deserve the grace of the reader’s gratitude. It is hard for the young today to survive the murder of the mind that produces pygmy leaders at all levels.

The majority of the essays in this work have been written by young Southern scholars who are giants.

Each has taken the time to discover the roots and reality of Southern society, as opposed to the fostered falsehoods taught in the penal colonies of public education. It takes a person endowed with a tough and inquiring intellect to affirm the unconventional notion that, indeed, the American South will not only survive but has intellectual, moral, and social values worthy of examination by the rest of the nation.

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