Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ancient stone carvings confirm how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC, sparking the rise of civilisations

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The Vulture Stone from Gobekli Tepe (left) which recorded a devastating comet strike (right)

Ancient stone carvings confirm that a comet struck the Earth around 11,000BC, a devastating event which wiped out woolly mammoths and sparked the rise of civilisations.

Experts at the University of Edinburgh analysed mysterious symbols carved onto stone pillars at Gobekli Tepe in southern Turkey, to find out if they could be linked to constellations.

The markings suggest that a swarm of comet fragments hit Earth at the exact same time that a mini-ice age struck, changing the entire course of human history.

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  1. Very interesting, ty! I like this theory much better than the "Aliens built the Pyramids" stuff :p