Saturday, April 22, 2017

Insurance Companies Panic Over Cash-Only Doctors That Make Insurance Obsolete

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An increasing number of private medical groups now are offering ‘concierge care’, charging a monthly or yearly membership fee, and then providing nearly unlimited care at rates that are dramatically lower than insurance premiums.  Physicians and nurse practitioners in these groups are free to treat patients as they see fit, not as directed by insurance companies. –GEG

When Marxist Democrats under Dear Leader Obama decided to allow the federal government to completely take over the health coverage industry, they did so knowing that everyone at some time in their lives will need health care.

On that point, of course, the Marxists were right.

But Democrats also believed that they would ensconce within the authoritarian federal bureaucracy for all time complete government control of the type, kind, and amount of health care Americans could and would receive, simply by deciding what would – and would not – be paid for.

On this point, the Marxists got it wrong.

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  1. I use to watch Marcus Welby, MD when I was a kid. Based
    on this series, this is what I thought doctors were intended
    to be - he was kindly, caring, didn't charge much ( but he
    wasn't in business for the money ) sometimes he didn't charge
    anything, he went to homes as needed. He should have been
    a prodigy for doctors. Then along came the snakes - lobbyists. There is no health care anymore - just big

    1. Indeed. My Father was a Country Doctor.