Sunday, April 2, 2017

China Bans Veils and ‘Abnormal’ Beards in Western Province of Xinjiang

Via Billy

Image: Muslim Uighur woman in Xinjiang

China has banned wearing veils as part of a major crackdown on what it sees as religious extremism in the western province of Xinjiang.

The measure, which comes into effect Saturday, also bans "abnormal" beards and names, as well as other "extremist signs." Forcing others to wear veils is also forbidden.

Xinjiang, China's westernmost region, is home to the Uighurs, a Muslim group which claims to face discrimination from the Han Chinese.

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  1. Is China racist? You betcha. They see the U.S. of A. on
    the road to its demise. United States decision-makers must recognize that China is a racist state, much closer to National Socialist Germany than to the values upheld in the West. Most often, the Chinese do not even recognize their racism as a problem. They believe that racism is a Western phenomenon and that Westerners are obsessed with race. This obsession is seen by the Chinese to be a strategic vulnerability of the West, whereas China is not affected by racism.
    The Chinese see multiculturalism as a sickness that has overtaken the United States, and a component of U.S. decline.
    Kudos, China.

    1. Well said and wish we would get on-board.