Sunday, April 2, 2017

Saigon April 2, 2017

 The  Bánh mì sandwich girl and her uncle.
 Hadn't had this Nuoc Mam before, but it is excellent and cheap.

 Across the street.  Too bad I didn't have a camera that could have done a better job.

 My sweetie. Either hugs me or plops on my lap with her computer each time.

 I thought this wouldn't taste good, but was most incorrect.

 Taking it to a customer on the top porch.  She asked if she had arranged it well :)

Drool away. :)  Cơm Bình Dân . This stand is the best on the street. They open at 6PM with the husband and wife working a mile a second to serve the waiting customers. You receive rice, soup with condiments and your pick of what you would like from the many dishes changing daily. Yum. About 80 cents which I divide into two meals.


Hot Vit Lon for 20 cents and Rượu đế starting at 4 cents. (70, 80 or 90% alcohol.) :) Top two pictures. 

I became the cashier since the cook/waitress couldn't read Vietnamese which is extremely unusual.

 220V!  Who's first....? :)

His father is the Ionlife water distributor which I need for my low sodium level.  His son likes to play with my hair for some reason. :)


  1. Nice pictures. Brock, are you looking forward to coming
    back or would you prefer to stay in Vietnam?

    1. Well, it's always nice at the beach in the summer and of course my yearly family reunion and Spring PATCON is the first week in June, so I get to see Christine the only daughter who lives near me and her children, so it's all fun! :) May through October in NC and November through April here would be nice here! :)

  2. Yum. Great food at silly low prices. Who wouldn't like that?

  3. Once again... thank you for sharing your time with us, via all these great pictures!

    1. You are more than welcome and I appreciate it. Thanks.