Saturday, April 15, 2017

He knows he can't win but it would be an unimaginable humiliation for him to back down: In a deadly game of dare, Kim Jong-un will take the suicide option, says MARK ALMOND

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As millions of North Koreans celebrate the Day of the Sun today, marking the birth of their cruel dynasty’s founding dictator, Kim Il-sung, his grandson’s nuclear ambitions have put the nation’s fate on a knife-edge and threatens peace throughout East Asia.

The chubby young tyrant, Kim Jong-un, has enjoyed playing the unpredictable despot ever since he inherited power in 2011. Now he is playing with fire.

This is a leader who would willingly take his small, poverty-stricken country to the brink of war with the world’s only superpower.

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  1. Anyone with the IQ of a popsicle stick knows Un cannot fact the only person who thinks Un can win is
    unfortunately......Kim Jong Un. Because he is insane.
    He's full blown loco nuts. And the most dangerous man on earth is an insane man with access to power. Un cannot
    defeat the west but he can kill a lot of people. Missiles with VX could rain down on So Korea and Japan. He might even be able to drop a 15-20Kt warhead on Honolulu, Seattle or LA. And while unlikely the chances of him setting of a high altitude nuclear device is not zero....and that would shut down the US power grid for a long time, long enough for MILLIONS of Americans to die from the resulting chaos. We need to whack him and do it RFN before he actually acts.

    1. I'll guess that he won't do anything today (It's 4PM here now) and wait for everything to return to normal, then test again.