Saturday, April 15, 2017

‘No Black Teens Allowed’ Sign in Melbourne Milk Bar Sparks Outrage

Via Billy

A racist sign on the window of a Melbourne milk bar says “black” teens are banned from going inside because they “steal things”.

The appalling note was left on the window of the store on Burleigh Rd, in Melton, in Melbourne’s west, and was sent to radio station 3AW.

As well as the teenagers, “dogs” were also banned from entry.


  1. Yeh well....truth is always hated by the liar. Africans steal. Africans rape. African do drugs. Africans murder. Africans lie. The only way to change that is be rid of the African. ----Ray

    1. In Australia though, the blacks there aren't African of course :p

      I assume the behavior is similar. The natives in New Zealand are known to be very violent. Even Chinese living there have told me this.

      Anyway, the behaviour might be similar, but the racial group is technically very different.

  2. Africans just never evolved d/t genetic sequencing. They
    never will so forget about education. If one discovered
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  3. I can definitely understand why. SEE:
    They'll destroy you!


      They need street justice.

  4. New tonite from Cleveland. Manhunt. I first read it on
    12160 which was first to report in my email. Liveleaks
    shows the actual killing as facebook removed. Says he has
    killed others in abandoned houses:
    He is not crazy; he knows exactly what he is doing. FBI
    is now involved.

    1. Unbelievable. Thanks.