Tuesday, April 18, 2017

King: Trump’s Base Getting ‘Uneasy’ Over Immigration

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Iowa conservative firebrand Rep. Steve King said much of President Donald Trump’s base is getting “uneasy” about his inaction on immigration.

Speaking on Radio Iowa, King criticized Trump for picking “pro-immigration” economist Gary Cohn as an adviser.

“People are policy,” King said, “so whenever I see those kind of appointments come in place, I do get concerned about it.”

While King, a hardliner on immigration, said he was a fan of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, he wants Trump to take action on former President Barack Obama’s deferred action policies for undocumented immigrants and parents of American citizens.

“And I’ve told the president this: ‘Every day you don’t address this, it gets harder and harder to do,’” he said.

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  1. We are NOT getting uneasy....Trump is doing just fine. Get back under your rock, King

    1. "Trump is doing just fine" because of guys like King reminding him why he got elected. King represents me & I think he's doing fine.

    2. I just read that almost 50% of his administration consist of Democrats or those who were so until recently.

  2. Trump posted on his results so far, I believe yesterday.

  3. I am not uneasy with Trump. However, I am watching. The big to-do over the 5 promises he broke was, all about nothing. I don't give a rats ass about declaring China a Currency manipulator. Or the Export-Import Bank. I do care about stopping the flood of illegals. I do care about allowing the military to fight to win. And several other issues. So far I am satisfied with the job he is doing.


  4. Need to get something done on healthcare first.