Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Where Trump Stands on Campaign Promises

Via Frank


Delivered, broken and endangered pledges from the president two weeks before his 100-day mark

With less than two weeks to go until President Donald Trump reaches his 100th day in office, it’s a good time to see where the president stands on delivering his some of his most important and popular campaign promises.

So far Trump is off to an inconsistent start. He has delivered on some promises, appears to have broken a few of them, and several remain in limbo.

Promises Delivered

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  1. Back Off!!! It takes time to undo what that POS Obummer did to this country. He works differently then dirty swamp politicians. Stand back and give him room, you slackers.

    1. As Frank said, he thought it showed him favorably.

  2. Indeed. A visitor to Epsteins's Island. Lots of footage
    for blackmail. Trump’s swamp is more infested than earlier ones under his predecessors - filled with reckless warmakers, crooked billionaires, Wall Street predators, corporate scoundrels making administration policy decisions, and over 200 corporate bosses meeting with him face-to-face at the White House alone.
    And we, the swampless folks, will not see or know who
    comes and goes. Total secrecy. Hmmmm

  3. Before, even after Trump's win, ABC news would tear Trump
    to pieces. I would fast forward thru the garbage. Now,
    after the attack on Syria, the trashing of Trump has come
    to a stand still. Paul Craig Roberts says he has no choice.
    Sad day for America First.