Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ret. Air Force Captain and Whistleblower: Pentagon Covered Up Real Story on ‘Extortion 17’ Navy SEAL Helicopter Crash

Via Billy

On August 6, 2011, 30 US service members were killed when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter they were being transported in crashed in Wardak province, Afghanistan. It was the deadliest single loss for U.S. forces in the decade-long war in Afghanistan. 17 members of the elite Navy SEALs were killed in the crash.


  1. I read the article. I found it unenlightening. Opinions are not evidence. Really shallow on logic. They seem to be blaming the loss of the helo on two bad guys who got away.

    Assault helos != "attack" helos.

    You can't blame Obama because the Seals all chose to ride in the same bird. Nor can you blame him for their choice to hover on location.

    The woman involved seems like an attention whore. Her whole story seems to be, "I wanted to kill two guys on the ground and you wouldn't let me".

    There are lots of real scandals that deserve attention. This article looks like very poor quality journalism. Too short. Too light on facts. Too many assumptions that are not supported. and underlying it all is the Obama is a traitor conclusion.

  2. Actually "Gene", you can directly blame Obama - the SEALs didn't "choose" to ride in the same helo, they were ORDERED to. Ditto on the hovering...ORDERS. Ultimately orders for military ops and personnel fall on the commander-in-chief, or POTUS.

    1. Then find out who ordered them and write an article about that. This article doesn't do that. It leaps from one conclusion to another. I spent 25 years in uniform under 6 presidents and it would shock the hell out of them to discover they were responsible for all the stupid shit I did. Choices like, "who rides the helicopter" are made at a much lower level than POTUS.
      Under your logic, we should just hang every American president on inauguration day and save ourselves the trouble. Being ultimately responsible and have any culpability are two very different things. Obama's primary faults WRT national defense were: 1, indifference, 2, letting Hillary declare war on Libya and Syria, 3, opening up America to massed foreign invasion. He really didn't have the time or interest in fiddling with CH-47 load plans.

    2. Sir,

      My point was that "who rides in the chopper" and "where are we going" are the result of orders, not the sailors personal choice, or that Obama was directly responsible for the orders.
      Can't dispute anything else you say.

    3. You did state:

      Ultimately orders for military ops and personnel fall on the commander-in-chief, or POTUS.

      Which of course is correct.

  3. You can hate on Obama all you want for this. BUT: We still don't know any more facts of this case than we did before. AND: This article did nothing to enlighten us further. It just rehashes the same old, same old noise. No "revelations" to be found. To sum up "I didn't get to shoot and Obama is an asshole" and we already knew that.---Ray