Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Spads With A Load" : The A1 Skyraider in Vietnam

Via 4 Branch

This video was produced by Gary Bain for Capt.Don Engebretsen USAF, Skyraider pilot. Also for the members of SOG ( Special Operations Group that made forays into Laos) and the OLAA pilots that piloted the A1 Skyraider in support of SOG teams.during the Vietnam Conflict. This is the OLAA pilots song they created while serving in Southeast Asia. These pilots and SOG teams were a fearless group of brave warriors and are unsung heroes of that war. Only mature audiences should view this as there are a couple of descriptive terms in the song that were uttered by the fighter pilots. Thanks to all our service members. Enjoy-Gary

Bien Hoa where I was the Funds Manager for the South Vietnamese Air Force 1973/1975.

Many good links/pictures in first one below.

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