Tuesday, April 4, 2017

US newspapers cut more than half their jobs since 2001

Via Billy

More than half of the jobs at US newspapers have disappeared since 2001, with a large portion of the losses offset by employment gains at internet firms, government figures showed Monday.

The data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed US newspaper employment fell from 412,000 in January 2001 to 174,000 in September 2016.

In the internet publishing and portal segment the number of jobs grew from 67,000 in 2007 -- the earliest for which data was available -- to 206,000 last year.

The figures confirm the huge upheaval in the news media industry, where a shift to online sources has forced a major retrenchment in print.

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  1. It use to be all job openings were posted in the newspaper
    esp. Sundays. Now, they're online with most expecting one
    to fill out an application on-line with all ones personal
    information. TSA online. I would never fill out an
    application online.