Thursday, May 18, 2017

‎Actbac NC‎ Confederate Memorial Day Celebration

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Actbac NC 


OK brothers and sisters, here is a map of how the lay out will be for Saturday. We will have access to the whole sidewalk surrounding the courthouse. We ask that all of our biker friends and family to park in the parking spots surrounding the courthouse. There will be no communists allowed in these areas. There will be parking reserved in a city owned parking lot on the corner of Elm St. and Marshall St. This parking lot is only about a 3min walk to the monument. The parking lot will be policed during the event and anyone that can park in this parking is were we have been instructed to park. At 1145 there will be a police escort from the parking lot to the monument.. Those little yellow boxes on the other side of the road from the courthouse are reserved for wobbles, communists and screamers. They are not allowed out of these restricted areas. If you have any questions please ask.

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