Thursday, May 18, 2017

Comment on Coordinated Hysteria

Comment by Anonymous on James Wood on Coordinated Hysteria

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It is important to understand the why there is for so many people this deep seated, rabid and fanatical hatred of President Trump and for any one who disagrees with their political world view. Since we now live in a post-Christian, pagan society (and admit the cultural Marxists have won the culture) many peoples primary self-identity and their "god" is in the political affiliation. Even though, they will not admit it openly, many liberals/lefties do know that Hillary is a very evil woman with no moral compass and the charges against her are true. She will do any thing for power and money. The unthinkable did happen; she lost the election, despite all the money that was spent, the fawning press, the power brokers and back room deals.
Not only did she just lose, but got her ass kicked on an epic scale, right next to Carter, and Mondale. So if you supported a corrupt to the core pathological liar as Hillary, what does that say about the content of your character? You can either take a very hard look at yourself, or you can lash out, blaming others to protect your ego. 
The Lefties need to drag this out and keep every one focused on this imaginary issue of the Russians hacking the election with President Trump in on the plot. The average low information voter has a very short attention span and memory. They longer this drags on, the more they will forget about all of Hillary the evil's crimes, felonies and acts of treason. And when reminded of it, they are likely to not care or consider it "old news". It is getting to the point where one may ask, which stack is higher; the US Federal budget or a complete record of Hillary's crimes?
Allied with the Party of Evil is the Party of the Dead Elephant. Your average Republican politician is NOT known for the courage he displays in doing what is right and moral. They too have their personal agenda for participating in this political jihad against Trump. Reasons? Same old song, money, power, transient fame, maintaining the status quo. They hate him because he is not part of the good ol' boy club. If Nixon could be hounded out of office, then so can Trump. Unlike the Clinton impeachment, where the Democrats to a man, rallied around BJ Bubba, the spineless Republicans will abandon and betray Trump. Lefties will never admit that the sole reason why Hillary lost is because she was THAT vile. They will seek revenge and death for those who showed for all to see how vile a monster she truly is. 
For the record I am NOT a Trump fan boy. His slogan of "make America great again" is pure BS. I do pray to God, that he will protect Trump, however flawed his is, against the Satanic evil that is out to destroy him. Never, never, never forget that Hillary believes that she is above any law and is an absolute law unto herself.


  1. President Trump is our last hope of preventing the impending civil war and/or general anarchy, and if he is impeached or dies while in office, any possibility of restoration and resurrection of the traditional United States of America will be nullified, as Communism, ignorance, violence, anti-White racism, and hatred for Christian morality will reign supreme, unstoppable and omnipotent.

    Isn't it interesting to see so much virulent, hysterical, generalized opposition to President Trump and all of his efforts?

    That has me just a wee bit suspicious.

    1. That has me just a wee bit suspicious.

      Absolutely. Ron Paul alluded to him having an untimely death.

  2. Mr. Woods' comments are spot on. It takes minimal effort to identify the myriad ways of Hillary's (and Bill's) wicked pragmatism and her aloof elitism. Deflection and distraction are the only tools left to protect her, beside the obvious character assassination (perhaps actual assassination) of those that would think to shine a spotlight on her all enveloping ugliness.

    It is fascinating that the collusion with the MSM is so thorough, that the murder of a potentially rogue DNC staffer gets zero coverage as the nonexistent Trump/Russia ties are microscopically examined ad nauseum.

    We are in the front row seats watching the death of Western civilization. I'd like my money back, and country, too.

    1. We are in the front row seats watching the death of Western civilization. I'd like my money back, and country, too.

      Well said.