Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Anti-Confederacy or Anti-Western

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Anti-Confederacy or Anti-Western

A statue of Robert E. Lee is the last of four statues commemorating the Confederacy that leftist activists in New Orleans succeeded in bringing down this past weekend.

All Confederate symbols are monuments to “white supremacy,” the left assures us.  This is the justification for the campaign to erase them from public view. 

Pro-Confederate Southerners, however, have always maintained that they have never been interested in memorializing “supremacy” of any kind.  Rather, their symbols are expressions of a rich and storied cultural history.  Statues such as those of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee that were just razed in the Big Easy are monuments to patriots and heroes who were willing to forego all in order to conserve that culture for future generations.

“Heritage, not Hate,” is how the pro-Confederate South has been putting it for decades now.
And while the account standardly offered by heritage-affirming Southerners is true as far as it goes, the reality is that it does not go nearly far enough.  

The truth is that the attack on Southern cultural symbols is an attack on American symbols. 

Let’s be clear: Though the movement to eradicate all open, public commemorations of Southerners who fought for the Confederacy is anti-Confederacy, it is not, ultimately, an anti-Confederate movement.  And though it most certainly is anti-Southern, it is not, ultimately, anti-Southern.

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  1. I think the primary problem Americans have with politics is they're optimists. No one wants to accept reality could be so terrible.

    That's not to say there's no hope, but too many Americans optimistically support the institutions and groups that attack us.

    If one accepts that pretty much every centre of wealth and power hates America, then it becomes easy to see what oughtn't be supported. Churches get overtaken, universities, charitable orgs. Everything is conquered by the Left.

    When one accepts that absolutely everything gets overtaken, then it's easy to know where to start. First step: Never donate, except to a few clearly beneficial groups. And never expect that a previously positive group will remain so indefinitely. It won't.

    Capitalism and socialism both are aligned against the West, and that pretty much covers everything. This society is trending towards globalism, and we're an obstruction.

    1. d never expect that a previously positive group will remain so indefinitely.

      Excellent point.

  2. That Antifa are going after Sam Houston's monument in
    Texas. This I gots to see. I mean Sam Houston IS Texas.