Tuesday, May 23, 2017

North Carolina: In a struggling factory town, residents want Washington to cut the ‘drama’ and get to work

Via Brother Henry

Sitting at a table at Jeff’s Corner Cafe, Brenda Allen professed thanks for the good things before her.

There were the creamy grits she ate and the jokes she shared with the other diners, most of whom she’d known all her life. But she was most grateful that the small, blurry television set hanging in the corner of this no-frills breakfast spot was silent.

“You know, I stopped watching Fox, and all the other channels, too,” Allen, a 70-year-old retired nurse practitioner and Democrat, told her friend Julie. She sipped a little Mountain Dew. “So much negativity about the president. I think in Washington, there’s just much ado about nothing. They got their own world created for them over there.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Julie responded.

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