Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Army Secretary Nominee: Citizens Should Have Same Arms As Military

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The West Point graduate and Iraq War Army veteran President Donald Trump has nominated to be the new Army Secretary has a very good understanding of the Second Amendment, which is predictably driving anti-liberty liberals insane.
Tennessee state Sen. Mark Green (R), President Donald Trump’s nominee for Army secretary, strongly believes that citizens should be armed ― and not just with any ol’ guns. They should be able to possess whatever weapons the military has, because an armed citizenry is the “ultimate checks and balances” against the federal government.
“The Second Amendment, while it allows citizens to protect themselves from other citizens, goes well beyond just allowing us to defend ourselves from a criminal,” Green said at a pro-gun rally in 2013.
“The men who penned and ratified this document gave us the right to keep and bear arms as an ultimate checks and balances against the federal government,” he added. “When considering magazine size and weapon type, comments like, ‘You don’t need a 10-round magazine to hunt deer’ completely misses the point of the Second Amendment.”
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  1. I really like his position, but I would that President Trump had chosen someone else because Mark Green was to be a leading candidate for Governor here in Tennessee. --Ron W

  2. You may not need 10 Rd's to hunt deer, but a entire array of 30 RD magazine's in pouches close at hand evens up the hunt for humans.


  3. check the SCOTUS rulings from long ago for president...
    miller vs usa...this is the one which outlawed short barreled shot guns.. the second amendment applies only to weapons which have a military application...so ANY weapon which can be used by the military is protected and usable to civilians...yes Virginia, that includes tanks and artillery pieces....

    garner vs Tennessee...police shot a fleeing suspect...
    police carry weapons for self defence only, laws cannot be enforced at the point of a gun
    if police carry ar-15's for self defence, then the equal application of the law requires civilians alsow be allowed to carry ar-15's for self defence.
    throw these two at your friendly hoplophobe and watch them stutter and blather about "not what they meant"

  4. I will call that and raise with; Every military member will be issued new a rifle and pistol and one of them will be carried while in uniform while in the service. Upon Honorable discharge the weapons will become the property of the Veteran. For 20 year retired they have the choice of keeping their issued weapon or getting the newest standard issue rifle and pistol. These weapons are non-transferable so they cannot be sold or given away but they can be inherited or returned to Uncle Sam.