Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Texas Campus Concealed Carry Student Stops Slaughter at UT Austin

Via Billy


A student at University of Texas at Austin stopped what could have been a very grave situation when he pulled out his concealed weapon and stopped a man stabbing students with a knife.

Multiple people sustained potentially serious injuries, and one person died after the stabbing attack that seemed to target fraternity members at the Texas school.
Eyewitnesses reported that a student pulled out a concealed handgun on the suspect and made him back down, stopping what was heading towards a slaughter!
The local media is working real hard on not covering that little fact. Imagine that!


  1. Not surprised. They, "the media" and their allies/fellow travelers must make every effort to not to let objective reality get in the way of the most precious belief that if only guns were banned bad people would not do bad things with them. This also shows that we are not all equal. There are good people and there are bad people. The potential to have a dose(s) of mineral therapy delivered at high velocity, does work in changing an antisocial persons attitude and behavior. Will have to lift a glass in honor of that Texas student. Yes, some kid was raised right by his parents.

  2. I heard three reports on this incident: ABC, WLOS, Fox.
    No mention of a private citizen intervening.