Thursday, May 11, 2017

Beauvoir and W&L show interest in obtaining New Orlean's Confederate Statues

Via Billy

If J.C. Hanna had his way, New Orleans' Confederate monuments would stay right where they are.
"I don't want to see them move, period," said Hanna, commander of the Louisiana division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. "I don't know of anywhere else in New Orleans they could be put where they'd have a place of respect. I really don't."

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  1. W&L likely still has that old honour system too.

    1. I pray, though they do have at least some liberal professors. Who would have thought.........

    2. I've been up there, albeit only for a visit. It is very remote, peaceful. Great place for free thinking.

      So many universities are smack in the middle of cities, so you're hit by that urban culture.

      Of course the negative of W&L is I expect it costs more to go there, bc there likely isn't much work to be found in the area. Maybe people work in the summers to help pay for school.

      The government is getting so involved with education, driving up the costs, that small universities like that might not endure for too much longer. Just my suspicion. I'm no libertarian, but we see clear evidence of federal involvement in education creating harm. In theory, a government could be competent and truly caring, could be capable of some positive interventions.

    3. It used to be the most conservative school in the nation. Sweetbriar was due to go under, but the graduates retrieved it. Sweetbriar, Hollins and Randolph Macon Women's college were the three we visited quite often on weekends from school. RMC

  2. Beauvoir and W&L show interest in obtaining New Orlean's Confederate Statues-

    Where are the facts about this title??????????