Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sexbots: Sally Cone Hits the Dating Scene: Kind of Weird, but Maybe….

 You could do worse.

Oh Lord, where is my Haldol? Recently I saw online a documentary on sex robots. The reporteress, a short-haired woman seething with quiet indignation,  Viewed  With Alarm the very idea. Progress is rapid on these love assistants, she said. They move. Some do, anyway. They talk, but not too much. Before long they will have skin-temperature silicone. Today we have all those deplorable men sitting home, lonely and isolated, choking their chickens and pondering suicide. Soon they will instead be rocking and rolling with Robo-Barbie.  This worried her. She said.

If this be true, the why, one wonders, do men want sexbots? Aren’t there already women all over the place at skin temperature?  Sez me, it’s because women have lived too long in a monopoly economy and so let down quality. It used to be that men had jobs and money, and women had that, so they married to let each get some of what the other  had. The woman had to be agreeable as a selling point. 

Now women have jobs and don’t need men, or to be pleasant. Some are nice anyway, but it’s no longer a design feature. Of course they often end up old and alone with a cat somewhere on upper Connecticut Avenue, but they don’t figure this out until too late. Anyway, they stopped being agreeable. They learned from feminists that everything wrong in their lives was the fault of men.


  1. That's pretty gross.

    The purpose of marriage is children. Women and men both need each other for that.

    I don't really understand the "need" for this other stuff though. Just insane moderns is my explanation.

    Family is what matters.

    1. I stumbled across Fred years ago when I read his post about waiting on the Flight Line at Et Toro MCAS to fly to Vietnam He has a way with words.:)