Saturday, May 20, 2017

CNN Crap Scoop: Gen Flynn Was Compromised by Russia… But Not the Lady Who Handed Over US Uranium for Millions in Cash

Via Billy

 In January 2013, Pravda celebrated the Russian atomic energy agency’s purchase of the company “Uranium One” in Canada.
That same company, Uranium One, owned uranium concessions in the United States. Because uranium is a strategically important commodity, the Russians would need approval from the Obama administration, including Hillary’s State Department, before the purchase took place.

Nine shareholders in Uranium One just happened to provide more than $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation in the run-up to State Department approval.

The Clintons took the cash from Uranium One officials before the deal was approved by Hillary Clinton’s State Department. The Clintons hid the donations which is a clear violation of the Memorandum of Understanding Hillary Clinton signed with the Obama administration wherein she promised and agreed to publicly disclose all donations during her tenure as Secreatary of State. (Via Breitbart)

The New York Times reported on the crooked deal in 2015.


  1. The ONLY KNOWN crime OF the "Russian collusion" investigation was against Gen Michael Flynn through his surveillance, the unmasking of his identity and then giving that to the media. That is a felony on the part of the persons who ordered and participated in those activities. If that is NOT a part of the "all related matters" to be investigated, then we will KNOWABLE that the Special Consel is either grossly incompetent or corrupt. --Ron W