Saturday, May 20, 2017

Media Collusion Against Trump

Via Billy

 "This is not journalism. This is cheap checkout-line tabloid trash."

My friend Foster Friess, a former Army intel officer and successful business/investment entrepreneur, sent a note this morning critical of a headline in The Wall Street Journal.

Foster, who now heads an initiative called “Return to Civility,” rightly objected to a hit-piece on Donald Trump entitled, “Moscow Bank Aided Trump Partner’s Deal.” The WSJ has now slightly softened that headline to read, “Russian State-Run Bank Financed Deal Involving Trump Hotel Partner,” but as Foster noted, the report still asserts, “VEB, a Russian state-run bank … financed a deal involving Donald Trump’s onetime partner…” Got that? A lead headline on a Russian bank that has a connection to a “onetime partner” of Trump.

And the “connection” soon fades to nothing. The WSJ then notes the former partner’s funding came from proceeds of a sale of a separate company the former partner sold “involving” the Russian VEB bank. In other words, Trump knows a guy who once used a Russian bank.

The Patriot Post has been exposing mass media malpractice for two decades, and most recently the devolution of the once-respectable Washington Post into the abyss of tabloid journalism.

Unfortunately, The Wall Street Journal has also been going down that same Leftmedia dezinformatsiya path in recent months — because ad revenues trump the truth. Of course the Democrats in collusion with their MSM propagators, are doing everything they can to block the Trump administration agenda.

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