Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Eleven Homes Torched in Philly May Day Arson Attack– Far Left Groups Suspected

Via Billy

Far Left Groups are suspected of the crime. (Naw,who woulda' thunk'.....?)

A series of fliers were put up in Point Breeze in Philadelphia prior to a massive arson attack wherein 11 homes were torched

Jack Murphy, an independent journalist, reported on the violence in Philadelphia.

Currently, ATF is investigating this arson attack and have put forward a $10,000 reward.


  1. I remember reading a few yrs. ago that Whites were moving
    back into their old neighborhoods around downtown and buying
    back old homes and apartment buildings and remodeling them
    and taking back White neighborhoods. The Blacks were having
    a fit as they considered this their property only. Never
    mind these were built by Whites for Whites and were forced
    out by violent interlopers. Taking a stand.