Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Saigon Leftovers, Raleigh & Pier Weekly May 18, 2017

A sweetie pie! :)

5 months and would be difficult to beat.

Tokyo airport.

Christine picked me up and we made a stop!

A homeschooler.

Above two @ 250mm handheld

Danny:  What a nice guy.  Excellent surfer.


Christine's kids.

5 months and Franchesca is as sweet as ever!

'Food Insecurity'....................


  1. Where I live food insecurity means the mother/father is selling the food stamps for $.50 on the dollar so they can buy drugs/alcohol/cigarettes so the family/kids have to beg for food.

  2. Replies
    1. Certainly and hope all is well.

    2. Hey Brock....welcome back home....I'm sure you had a great time in Viet Nam. I ran into Christine and the kids a few weeks ago at the pier...she told me you'd be back the first week of May. I just quit working down there about a week ago but I'll be down there frequently this summer. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Nam...see ya soon....Glenn

  3. Good to see you settling in on the beach. Looks nice there! Look forward to seeing you again when you come back!

    Best wishes, Richard.

  4. See you at the beach. ����
    ��Pam J Pierce��

  5. lifetime of great memories there for you !!

  6. Great Pictures, Glad you made it back