Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Alabama Hills, CA: Popular Western Film Location

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The Alabama Hills were named for CSS Alabama. When news of the Confederate warship's exploits reached prospectors in California sympathetic to the American Civil War Confederates, they named many mining claims after the ship, and the name came to be applied to the entire range.[3]

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  1. b4

    the largest quake to hit calif happened there--a 9.0 in 1872--the ground dropped 150 ft for 3 miles thru lone pine--the ground was moving in waves 7 ft high--about half the people died in the valley--it was early morning and their mud brick houses collapsed on them--my kids got bit roles in movies,same with ex wife over the years--we live in bishop and exs family has had ranches in the valley for many years--this area is unlike the rest of cali or i would move back to utah--cali on the over side of the mtns sucks and i hope it drops into the ocean,soon