Monday, May 8, 2017

The Dix Note and Southern Freedom


While cleaning my study the other day I ran across my copy of a $10.00 “Dix” note. This paper money was issued by the Bank of New Orleans up to 1860. Looking at my copy of the “Dix” note cause me to reflect on the disastrous changes that have occurred in the Southern economy since the days of that quaint little “Dix” note.

Early in the 1800s when men from “up-river” would float their wares down the Mississippi River to New Orleans they would tell their folks that they would come home with their pockets full of Dix notes or simply “pockets full of Dixies.” Soon all the land south of the Ohio River would be referred to as Dixieland or Dixie—if you don’t believe me just ask anyone from New Orleans!

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