Wednesday, May 24, 2017

With Confederate flags gone, Civil War museum will close

Via Billy

A Henry County commissioner requested a few months ago that a local Civil War museum remove its Confederate flags.

But without that symbol, the Nash Farm Battlefield and Museum announced that it can’t conduct its mission properly and will close June 1.

In a Facebook post, the museum’s directors cited the request by District 2 Commissioner Dee Clemmons that all Confederate flags be removed from the museum, in addition to the gift shop, “in an effort not to offend anyone.”

“To exclude any Confederate flag would mean the historical value has been taken from our exhibits, and a fair interpretation could not be presented to each guest,” the post read. “Confederate flags were on this hallowed ground, as were the Union flags. To remove either of them would be a dishonor.”

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  1. I had a 5 lb CSA powder keg (empty) that was on loan there. It had the Confederate flag (the one the GA flag is fashioned after) burnt into the side. I picked it up just after lunch today. It was a goat rope getting it back.

    These dumbshit carpetbagger commissioners don't know the difference between the VA Battle flag and the other CSA flags or the history behind it all.