Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Are Confederate Soldiers American Soldiers?

 Comment by MSG NewVegasBadger (Ret) on Robert E. Lee, Revolution, and the Question of His...

Badger, that is an excellent point. It seems they are AWOL. Have our "heroes" turned into pussies and wimps? Just like the spineless Brits, being called a racist is now a fate worse than death. If picking who gets to be a brother-in-arms is now a matter of political correctness then the term has no honor to it. A Confederate soldier was and is still an AMERICAN veteran. To dishonor him is to dishonor ALL veterans. Period. Full stop. What you think of him or what he fought for does not matter. Agree or disagree, not the point. The evil cultural Marxists as a matter of habit will ignore or with Mal-intent omit the first hand accounts of why the Southern AMERICAN soldier fought the war and why.
I, NewVegasBadger, in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson do, on the alter of Almighty God, declare eternal hostility to all cultural Marxists and Muslims who seek to impose their so called religion on me.

Here is a very politically incorrect thought: whereas slavery is and was an evil institution (Are we ALL in agreement on that?), could it be that the average slave, as much as it sucked to him, on a Southern plantation back then, actually had it better than many blacks living in our inner cities today? Incendiary? Yes. It was safer on a plantation than it was on the streets of south side Chicago this past Memorial Day weekend. A black child born on a plantation was more likely to be born into a two parent family than 70% plus black children today. Having a real father does make a huge difference in a child's life. I am from the old school where the most fear inducing words were; "Just wait till your father gets home!" And there were social/moral standards that applied to every one regardless. Now, I am NOT saying that there was some golden age way back when. From all the stats I have read, pictures I have seen, especially of such places as Detroit MI, many blacks today are worse off than in the past. Again, I have to state, I am NOT defending the institution of slavery.

To all veteran organizations: Defend your fellow veteran! To attack one veteran is to attack them all. If you will not defend the Confederate veteran, then who and why, will defend YOU when you and your cause is deemed to be politically incorrect?

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