Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Canada's New All Inclusive Gender Term

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This gender identity/expression is a mental disorder. If you have a mental disorder you need to be treated and cured. But, no, the radical activists and liberals instead are doing their utmost to encourage more people to become mentally ill. There are two and only two genders/sexes; male and female. Period. Any thing else, the old fashion, politically incorrect term was pervert.
Imagine being confronted by a woman who, obviously is suffering from anorexia, demanding, and has the full force of law that you fully agree with her "body identity" that she is too fat and needs to lose even more weight. And, since she is member of the special protected class known as a "victim" she also demands that you pay for her weight loss programs. Insane.

Weaver: Should you find yourself in Canada, may I suggest an all inclusive gender term? It is a combination of the current gender terms; S for she, H for he and IT for it. SHIT. There, a single, very easy to pronounce and spell, word for all genders (real and imaginary). Now you can go to Canada and enjoy yourself without the fear of offending any one by using the wrong gender pronoun. My good deed for the day is done!


  1. That's very funny. There are times when a male or female has traits of the other gender. More masculine females tend to be better at athletics, for example.

    But actual gender is almost entirely binary.

    The motive for blurring gender seems in part to be a desire to reduce the birthrate.

    1. The motive for blurring gender seems in part to be a desire to reduce the birthrate.

      That oughta do it!