Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Ad Too Hot to Print—Progressive Censorship in Action


The promise of “Freedom of the Press” becomes meaningless when large national “Progressive/Liberal” conglomerates maintain a virtual monopoly on access to newsprint within a given geographical area. Their virtual monopoly provides them with the opportunity to highlight the words and actions of their fellow Progressives while denying those who were slandered or attacked the opportunity to respond. The Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Herr Goebbels, would be proud of the work of modern day Progressive censors/suppressors of the truth.

After a successful vote to pass a Bill in the Louisiana House of Representatives to protect monuments to all veterans, the LA Black Caucus denounced the vote as being evidence of modern day “White Supremacy.” The local newspaper reported this slanderous statement made against all Southerners who love their Southern heritage. The Kennedy Twins decided to respond by placing open letter to the LA Black Caucus in the local paper. The open letter was to be a quarter page paid ad but the paper rejected the ad—in effect they censored or silenced opposition and thereby allowed the slander to remain unanswered. Below is the Ad too “hot” for the liberal newspaper in Baton Rouge, LA to print. Read it and ask yourself if “those people” desire equal treatment for ALL. The Advocate in Baton Rouge turned down a $2800.00 paid ad rather than be fair to the people of the South.  Read the ad and you be the judge.

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