Saturday, June 24, 2017

CIA chief: Trump is an ‘avid consumer’ of intelligence

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The head of the CIA on Saturday pushed back on accusations the U.S. is not doing enough regarding Russia’s attempts to interfere in elections. CIA Director Mike Pomepo also said President Trump is an “avid consumer” of intelligence reports.
“I cannot imagine a statement that is any more false than one that would attribute President Trump of not being interested in the intelligence community. He is an avid consumer of the products the CIA provides,” Pompeo said in an interview with Hugh Hewitt that aired Saturday on MSNBC.
“I’m with the president nearly every day,” Pompeo said. According to the CIA chief, he has at least 35 minutes regularly on Trump’s calendar and the meetings usually run long. He said his predecessor managed his reports to former President Obama “differently” and rarely met with the former president.
“President Trump is incredibly demanding of the intelligence community, asks incredibly difficult questions,” according to Pompeo.
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