Saturday, June 24, 2017

NC The Hammock House: In 1862 3 Yankee Officers Disappeared until 1915

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The citizens of Beaufort discovered that, during the night, Union forces had claimed control of their town. Three Union officers came upon the now-abandoned mansion and thought it would make a good outpost. They were sent to inspect the house and promptly disappeared without a trace. It wasn’t until 1915, nearly forty years later, that workmen digging near the back porch discovered their remains.

 Beaufort, North Carolina From the coast it can be seen, a landmark against the sea, guiding ships safely to port. Apart from its obvious historic significance, the large white house is unassuming, beautiful against the landscape, and inviting. But inside the house there are scars of the past, things that a coat of paint or simple repair can never wipe away. Screams heard in the night are only part of the tragic history in this house that seems to devour its tenants, leaving bone-chilling tales behind and bloodstains on the floor.

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