Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"Disappearing Dixie"

Via Nancy


Like you, l am lucky enough to have an Ancestor that fought for the South.

Like a lot of you, l am a proud member of the SCV.

Like some of you, l am also a member of the Confederate States Allied Europe.

But only l can be the Commander in Chief of the CSA-E, or untill someone deems it necessary to replace me.

I have read many copies of the Confederate Veteran magazine, many members write in about the state of things within the South, BUT, no one has yet written in about any ideas on how to STOP what's happening in Dixie.

So maybe it's down to me, unless you have a better idea....Let's see just how many still have a BACKBONE and know how to use it!

If you only use yours to write, then write something that might do some good....you Americans, this is your Dixie we are talking about here.

If you don't ALL pull together then Dixie will just be a thing of the PAST, so come on, get those backbones into action and DO SOMETHING!

Yesterday l thought my letter was a bit...strong, l actually think that this letter is a lot stronger.

Our Ancestors fought an enemy, so why can't we? Our Ancestors fought a GOOD cause, isn't what's happening now in the South a GOOD cause, a BETTER cause l would say.

Alright you guys, the time has arrived, sound the REBEL YELL and CHARGE into the enemy, it's time to show our Ancestors what we are made of...that we do have a BACKBONE!

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