Saturday, June 10, 2017

“I’ve always hated black people. I f------ hate people who aren’t white—Caucasian, whatever. I hate the human race,”

Via Billy

Pennsylvania supermarket shooter Randy Stair left behind a trove of material explaining his motivations for gunning down three of his co-workers. In his recorded suicide notes, released just hours before Thursday’s rampage, the 24-year-old talked extensively about his depression and about who he was as a person—a transgender woman who hated men and toxic masculinity.

In a video titled “Goodbye,” Stair says his YouTube cartoon series, Ember’s Ghost Squad, gave him a purpose, and that the cartoon character “Ember McLain,” from the Nickelodeon series Danny Phantom, brought out the girl in him.

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  1. Wow! That's one messed up "dude". But that he felt the need to kill others because of his derangement, pisses me off!

    1. he felt the need to kill others because of his derangement, pisses me off!

      One of many loosers these days.

  2. Why do these people kill random others? He wanted to dress up as a female also.

    Now he'll be portrayed as right-wing, haha.

    This is a problem of mass society. Since everyone is a stranger, there's a perception that no one matters. In a sense we're dehumanised, even if it's not immediately obvious.

    There's a lack of a sense of community. When everything is open, anyone could walk through.

    In a community, perhaps a community that treated Stair well or ill, the community would at least know what to expect of him. And if treating him well, then he would have felt a sense of belonging.

    I say this is a symptom of a loss of community, something libertarians can't explain I think. Because libertarians want a more open society, even if Ron Paul will say mass migrations are abnormal in a truly libertarian society. That's long been one of my criticisms of libertarians, respectfully.