Saturday, June 10, 2017

Volkhart Sagitta: Luftwaffe Courier Car 1944

Via Cousin Colby

Based on the KdF-Wagen Typ 60 , aka VW Beetle, it was designed by K.C. Volkhart as a fast courier car for Luftwaffe (German Air Force).Body, designed by Baron Reinhard von Koenig-Fachsenfeld, was built by Helmut Fuchs Niederwenningern/Ruhr. Thanks to its low drag coefficient (0.17 only) the streamline body allowed for speeds up to 150 km/h. The engine, mounted at the rear, was the standard VW 1.1-liter boxer, 24.5 hp.


  1. I like that weird cyclops like center head light.

  2. I wonder what this car would sell for? My '72 Beetle could hit about 85mph, but down hill and with a tailwind of 25mph.

    1. I had a '72 Camper that I took on my first 3 month trip across the nation. If you came to the crest of a hill and the road when down until you went the uppper side, you had better be going as fast as possible on the downward slope. :)

  3. Slick! I have a friend that took a "bug" and converted it to a "Cal-Bug", (California style?) and that thing would hit 140 mph at the dragstrip!

  4. Certainly has a more appealing look than the Karman Gia that became the post war production car.

  5. It almost looks like the start of a Karmann Ghia. indyjonesouthere