Wednesday, June 14, 2017

No apologies: ICE chief says illegal immigrants should live in fear of deportation

Via Billy

Thomas Homan

Illegal immigrants should be living in fear of being deported, the chief of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Tuesday, pushing back against a growing sentiment among Democrats on Capitol Hill and activists across the country who have complained about agents enforcing the laws on the books.

Thomas D. Homan, acting director at ICE, said anyone in the country without authorization can be arrested and those who have been ordered deported by judges must be removed if laws are to have meaning.


  1. Gee, I guess Kelly didn't get the memo.

    Average Joe

    1. Kelly was never a good pick. Ann Coulter said so on twitter!

      Trump keeps picking anti-Trumplicans...

  2. These 800,000 dreamers are criminals not matter how one
    looks at it. Disappointing they are not being deported.
    If you entered this country illegally for better economic opportunity you are hear illegally - you are a criminal according to United States Code and are subject to arrest and deportation. They keep breaking all the laws.

    1. Look at this crap: I give up.

      Poll: Trump’s Decision on Dreamers Is a Popular One — Even Among His Base

    2. Thanks but I don't feel that way. We've become like
      the ocean, a place to dump garbage and poisons.